Thomas Raczkowski, Registrar

The BADC Registrars are responsible for managing competitor registration before and during the competition. The Registrars can be reached at

why he joined ballroom:

Alway wanted to learn the waltz [It's a Polish thing ;)]

One thing joining and dancing ballroom taught you?

There are parts of your body, which you never knew you could move, that do in fact move. Whether that's a good thing is debatable.

Favorite ballroom dance and favorite social dance?

No favorite ballroom dance. They're pretty much amazing, all of them. Except Samba, which is so hard it was invented specifically to torment me. Looks amazing though.

Favorite/funny ballroom memory?

Those times when you change one thing and a dance suddenly clicks in ways you didn't think were possible. Not funny, but def one of favorite moments.

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Advice for newcomers/people interested in joining ballroom?