For dancers interested in taking their dancing to the next level, the mentorship program is an amazing opportunity to work with an advanced dancer one-on-one each week, at no additional cost! We highly encourage joining for those who want to get more involved with the club or start competing. Mentorship is a great chance to connect with some of our upper level dancers for insider technique tips, stories of competitions past, and genuine care for you and your dancing. You’ll feel like you’re part of your own ballroom family!



To Qualify

Once you have paid membership dues for the semester, you will receive an invitation to sign up. Just fill out the sign up form by the deadline and save the date for our mentor meet-and-greet! If you have a partner, make sure that both people in the partnership sign up if you want your partner to be mentored too.

Acceptance into the program is dependent on your performance as a mentor/mentee in past semesters and your standing with the club. For open-level mentors in particular, we are looking for people who are experienced, enthusiastic about sharing their wisdom with newer dancers, and engaged in the CU Ballroom community.

We cannot guarantee a mentor to anyone who signs up after the deadline. However, if you would like to join past the deadline, email us and we’ll see what we can do!



Required Time Commitment

For Newcomer and Bronze dancers: 1 hour per week to receive mentoring, in addition to attending regular weekly classes and attending 2 competitions per semester.

For Silver and Gold dancers: 2 hours per week, 1 to mentor a Newcomer or Bronze couple, and 1 to get mentored yourself.

For Open-level dancers: 1 hour per week to mentor a Silver or Gold couple.

Note: ALL participants in the program will be expected to help out at our home competition, the Big Apple Dancesport Challenge, by hosting competitors from other teams and volunteering day-of in early December. Specifics will be shared and training provided as the competition date approaches.

**Lack of fulfillment on any of these may compromise program eligibility for the remainder of the current/following semester.**

However, if you feel that you would like to be a part of the program, but are unsure if you can meet these requirements, feel free to email the club for further conversation and consideration. We would like to ensure that all our members can learn optimally through the mentorship program, and will definitely take into consideration your concerns.



Mentorship for Open Level Dancers

As we typically do not have mentors available for Open-level dancers, those who join as Open-level mentors will not have to pay dues to the club, and will get full travel expenses to and from club-sponsored competitions covered (in addition to registration fees). To qualify as an Open-level mentor, a dancer must consistently compete at Novice/Prechamp or above. For more details, please email the Mentorship Chair at