Become a Member

CU Ballroom is always glad to embrace new members, and we hope you stick around to discover our amazing community! If you want to become a full member, all you have to do is pay membership dues. Read on to find out more about our membership benefits, rates, and the next steps you can take.

Get involved

In the beginning of every semester, we have a showcase with beautiful performances in all styles from couples in the club, as well as a week of free classes. We encourage everyone interested in joining to come out to those—no partner or prior experience is necessary! See the events calendar and our Facebook page for news about those. Besides that, the important steps you can take are:

  1. Join our mailing list to stay updated each week on classes, practices, and club events, as well as get notified about when we are collecting membership dues

  2. Read through our website to learn more about our club

  3. Show up to a class after the free trial week and pay membership dues


Membership Benefits

If you pay membership dues, you will become an official member! You get access to instruction from some of New York’s best instructors—you’ll only pay at most $8 per class if you attend every class, and even less if you sign up for multiple styles! Moreover, being an official member entitles you to use some of Columbia’s coveted dance practice spaces without having to worry about reservations. Other benefits of paying dues and being a full member of our club:

  • Get competition registration for club-sponsored competitions covered—that’s around $40-50 per competition you won’t have to pay!

  • Get half of travel for team competitions covered—around $25-30 per competition!

  • Be eligible to join our mentorship program—a unique opportunity to work with an upper level dancer each week at no additional cost.

  • Get access to club apparel and discounts to minimize (optional) costs for ballroom supplies such as dance shoes or competition wear.

  • Come to free fun ballroom events, social dance outings, rounds, and workshops.

Membership Dues

How much you pay for your dues depends on how many tracks, or styles, you would like to take. We offer three styles: International Latin, International Standard, and Salsa. You can mix and match whichever styles you like—however, you cannot change which styles you are doing after paying your dues, so choose wisely!


One Style

Two Styles

Three styles

Undergrad @ CU

Grad student @ CU







How to pay dues

CU students signing up for Standard and/or Latin styles:

  1. Visit

  2. Scroll down to “Ballroom Dance Club”

  3. Select the option you wish to sign up for (only Standard/only Latin/both) and then select “Add to cart”

  4. Sign in with your UNI and follow the instructions to pay

All others (including CU students signing up for Salsa):

We collect membership dues at the beginning of each class during the first few weeks of the semester. During those weeks, we ask that you please come 15-20 minutes early to class, bring an ID, and come with the correct amount in cash or check (cash preferred). If you are a CU student who wishes to sign up for Standard and/or Latin and also for Salsa, you must sign up using the link above for Standard and/or Latin and ALSO bring cash or a check for the remaining amount of dues to the beginning of a Salsa class.

For Salsa only: If you do not want to pay full membership dues during the first few weeks of dues collection, you can pay a $10 trial fee per Salsa class that you attend.

**If paying membership dues is a significant financial hurdle for you, please email us to set up at time to talk with our Treasurer. CU Ballroom is committed to ensuring that the opportunity to dance is open to all, and we will do our best to find a solution for you.

Refund policy: We will handle refunds on a case-by-case basis. However, if you have competed in a competition or have signed up for competition travel and decided not to compete less than 48 hours before the travel time, we cannot offer you a refund.