Jacquelin Wang, Events Chair

The Events Chair is responsible for organizing and publicizing club events and collaborative events with other groups.

Year and Major

BC 2021, Economics and Math-Statistics

Why did you join cu ballroom?

I was amazed by the Fall showcase, and when I learned that some of the performers only started to dance in college, I couldn’t help imagining myself being like them one day. I tried out the free lessons. It was so fun that I felt dancing and socializing swept away all my worries. Since then, ballroom where I could purely enjoy and learn with all other dancers…

One thing you’d like to improve about ballroom through board this year?

Create more meaningful and fun events!

One thing joining and dancing ballroom taught you?

Believe, do, and feel.

1 - Bohong Wang.JPG

Favorite ballroom dance and favorite social dance?

Samba and Jive

Favorite/funny ballroom memory?

Umm..how during one practice, Nikhil and I were just totally offbeat. Who knows what we were dancing. Only there to laugh through the entire rotation

Advice for newcomers/people interested in joining ballroom?

Everyone can do it, as long as you commit (but it is also hard not to commit though).