GEt Involved

There are many other ways to get involved with BADC besides competing. The BADC Board welcomes anyone who would like to contribute to the competition, and here are some of the ways we have collaborated with the broader ballroom community in the past. Read on to find out how you can get involved and who to contact for more information!

Be a Sponsor

Between paying for the performance, judges, and renting a floor, the costs for BADC run into thousands of dollars. That said, we are offering the opportunity for alumni, parents, and friends to give back by becoming sponsors of BADC. Becoming a sponsor also allows businesses to advertise to hundreds of students, competitors and spectators and associate their brand with the world of competitive ballroom dance. Contact if you are interested in sponsoring BADC 2019.

Be a Volunteer

An event as large as BADC requires a lot of coordination and manpower. Every year, members and affiliates of our club are essential to the success of our home competition! Volunteering provides you with a behind-the-scenes experience of a collegiate competition, as well as unique opportunities to make connections within the ballroom community. To show our appreciation to our volunteers, each of them receives a free ticket to our evening professional showcase.

**Important note: all members of the CU Ballroom mentorship program are required to volunteer for at least two shifts. If you have any questions about this, please email:

Be a Spectator

Our day sessions are entirely free and open to the public. All spectators can access the building through the Broadway-side entrance to Lerner Hall, and are welcome to watch the competition. Cheering from our spectators creates an electrifying atmosphere for the dancers on the floor, and we highly encourage everyone to support our competitors and invite anyone you know who might be interested in ballroom!

You can also purchase tickets to enjoy our evening showcase. They will be sold through the Ticket Information Center (TIC) in Lerner Hall.