Elaine Tan, Secretary

The Secretary oversees all internal and external communication, as well as outreach to other student groups and organizations at Columbia. They are also responsible for taking minutes at board meetings, handling space requests, managing the mailing list, and responding to club emails. You can contact the Secretary with your questions by writing an email to cuballroom@gmail.com.

Year and Major

SEAS 2020, Biomedical Engineering

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Favorite/funny ballroom memory?

One of my favorite ballroom memories was at Rutgers, where I led in Standard for the first time. My partner and I had just learned how to lead and follow the night before the competition, and we were a complete mess on the dance floor, but throughout the entire experience, I had so much fun and could barely contain my laughter.

Advice for newcomers/people interested in joining ballroom?

For me, the most efficient method of learning how to dance was from asking a more experienced member on the team, whether it be my mentor or just another dancer practicing outside of Roone. Don’t be afraid to ask for help; you might make a new friend along the way!