Constitution of the Columbia University Ballroom and Latin Dance Club, 2018-2019

Article I – Name

  1. The name of this organization shall be the Columbia University Ballroom and Latin Dance Club.

  2. The Club may be hereafter referred to as also the Columbia University Ballroom Dance Club (CUBDC).

  3. CUBDC is a Club Sport of Columbia University and follows the rules and guidelines set in the Club Sports Constitution.

Article II – Purpose

CUBDC was created in 1998 in an effort to represent Columbia University in collegiate and amateur Ballroom and Latin dance competitions. The Club offers classes in International Standard, Latin, and social dancing. We encourage dancers of all levels of experience to join us in bringing Columbia to the top of the collegiate ballroom community. Our Club also raises awareness of non-competitive ballroom on campus by offering social classes and other opportunities.

Article III – Membership

  1. Membership is open to all students, faculty, staff, and alumni of Columbia University.

  2. To be fully recognized as a Club member in good standing, one must pay the full dues and abide by community standards as determined by the Board each semester.

  3. Club members in good standing are eligible to attend Club meetings, activities, and events, participate in the mentorship program, receive financial support for competition fees, and vote for candidates for the Executive Board.

Article IV – Meetings, Activities, and Events

  1. The Club holds weekly lessons and practices at various locations to be announced on a regular basis.

  2. Club members attend competitions throughout the semester as selected by the Board.

  3. Any special meetings, activities, and events of the Club will be announced through appropriate channels and at lessons.

  4. Executive Board members and Chairs will meet regularly for administrative issues.

Article V – Mentorship Program

  1. To be in good standing with the program:

    1. Mentors and mentees must meet for at least one hour a week.

    2. Those receiving mentoring through the mentorship program must attend a designated number of competitions over the semester as determined by the Board.

    3. All members of the mentorship program must fulfill a mandated number of housing and volunteering shifts for our home competition BADC as determined by the Board.

Article VI – Officers

  1. Officers will comprise the Executive Board and Chairs. The composite group will be called Officers. Duties of all Officers:

    1. Attend weekly Board meetings.

    2. All officers (except for the President) have voting rights; the President will vote to break ties.

    3. Fulfill supervising duties.

    4. Participate in recruitment efforts (e.g. flyering, showcases, attending the first few weeks of classes).

    5. Complete assigned tasks.

    6. Regularly check and respond to e-mails (within 1 business day excluding holidays).

    7. Make an effort to be present at Club activities, be an approachable resource at all times, and promote Club unity by interacting with members.

    8. Make an effort to be familiar with the Newcomer class routines for both leaders and followers by attending Newcomer classes and/or workshops.

    9. Be familiar with Club rules and regulations.

    10. Fulfill a mandated number of housing and volunteering shifts for our home competition BADC to be determined by the Board.

  2. Positions of the Executive Board: 
    There shall be four positions on the Executive Board: President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary.

    1. Duties of the President are as follows:

      1. Arrange Board meetings and send agenda to board members prior to meetings.

      2. Coordinate Board by regularly checking in with each member.

      3. Send out weekly email to club members.

      4. Be spokesperson for the Club and communicate all information to the Club.

      5. Hold the role of the tie breaker in any voted situation – vote only in the case of ties.

    2. Duties of the Vice President are as follows:

      1. Take on President’s duties in case of absence.

      2. Act as a Liaison between CUBDC and Club Sports – attend Club Sports meeting and handle Club Sports requests (constitution, safety plans).

      3. Manage reaching out to and hiring Club coaches, and act as Liaison between CUBDC and coaches throughout the year.

      4. Oversee the overall class and practice structure for the semester.

      5. Create weekly supervising schedule of Board members.

      6. Communicate with Competition Chair(s) to ensure a positive club experience at competitions attended.

      7. Communicate with Chair(s) to ensure positive internal club life and external club image.

      8. Schedule workshops and other internal events. Planning and logistics for internal events can be delegated to the Events Chair.

      9. Oversee the formation team by ensuring creation of choreography, scheduling of regular practices, and coordination of formation team performances. In the event that a Formation Team Chair has been appointed, responsibilities outlined in this section will be transferred to the Formation Team Chair.

      10. Oversee recruitment efforts, including flyering, tabling, and showcases.

    3. Duties of the Treasurer are as follows:

      1. Keep detailed budget of all expenses.

      2. Report weekly to the Officers on the status and breakdown of the budget.

      3. Oversee collection of dues (and forms for club membership) and maintain Club membership list.

      4. Deposit money into the Club account.

      5. Work with Club Sports to pay instructors.

      6. Work with Competition Chair to pay for competition registration and oversee overall competition finances.

      7. Coordinate with BADC Chair for expenses relating to BADC.

      8. Develop next year’s budget proposal with the other Officers.

      9. Meet at least once a month with the Club Sports Director.

      10. Be responsible for Club assets and Club apparel.

      11. Work with Events and Social Chairs to coordinate payment of invoices for Club outings.

    4. Duties of the Secretary are as follows:

      1. Act as a Liaison between CUBDC and UEM (e.g. handle space and tech requests, maintain guest/instructor/workshop leader list).

      2. Take Board meeting notes and send to Board members within 24 hours of meeting.

      3. Regularly check and respond to club email (within 1 business day unless otherwise agreed within the Board).

      4. Manage email list by editing subscribers.

      5. Be a point of contact for outreach activities throughout the semester.

  3. Chairs
    There shall be a number of Chairs to be created or removed as seen fit by the Executive Board. The available number of Chair positions for application is subject to a full Officer vote. Additional duties and position expectations of each Chair are to be determined by the Executive Board.

    1. Duties of the BADC Chair(s) are as follows:

      1. Organize the home competition.

      2. Assign tasks to the competition board.

      3. Directly report to the President and Treasurer.

      4. Directly coordinate with the Treasurer and Media Manager.

      5. Ensure structure is in place for the next year’s competition, including overseeing creation of next year’s competition board.

    2. Duties of the Competition Chair(s) are as follows:

      1. Create competition calendar for the semester, including pertinent deadlines.

      2. Be in charge of travel and housing arrangements for competitions.

      3. Act as Liaison between CUBDC and competition officials.

      4. Coordinate the distribution of Club apparel.

      5. Act as or designate a point of contact for competitions and travel.

      6. Coordinate Club activities at competitions.

      7. Keep track of registration, attendance, and results at competitions.

      8. Directly report to the Treasurer.

    3. Duties of the Mentorship Chair(s) are as follows:

      1. Organize mentorship program by:

      2. Reaching out to higher level mentors

      3. Match mentors and mentees.

      4. Arrange meet-and-greet with mentors.

      5. Follow up regularly to resolve any conflicts between mentors and mentees.

      6. Directly report to the VP.

    4. Duties of the Events Chair are as follows:

      1. Organize bonding events and other activities for club members.

      2. Be present at the above stated events or designate someone else to be in charge at the event.

      3. Plan showcases at the beginning and end of each semester.

      4. Work with Media Manager to publicize events to the club.

      5. Directly report to the VP.

    5. Duties of the Media Manager are as follows:

      1. Publicize club events, including making flyers and coordinating their distribution.

      2. Manage multimedia and social media accounts for CUBDC and BADC.

      3. Create content for social media platforms.

      4. Update and upgrade Club website for CUBDC and BADC regularly.

      5. Directly report to the Secretary.

    6. Duties of the Newcomer Chair are as follows:

      1. Be a resource and point of contact for all new members to the Club.

      2. Coordinate Newcomer workshops.

      3. Facilitate partner matching at the beginning of the semester and for competitions throughout the semester.

      4. Integrate Newcomer members into the rest of the Club and foster a sense of community amongst Newcomer members by:

        1. Working with the VP, Mentorship Chair, and Events Chair.

        2. Creating a platform for communication between Newcomer members each semester.

        3. Being present at Newcomer-specific events.

      5. Directly report to the VP.

    7. Duties of Formation Team Chair are:

      1. Ensure that choreography for the Formation Team is created.

      2. Ensure that choreography is taught to the Formation Team through regular practices and lessons.

      3. Coordinate performances of the Formation Team with the VP.

      4. Directly report to the VP.

  4. Election of Executive Board Members:

    1. Elected positions include: all Executive Board positions as defined in Article VI-B.

    2. To be eligible for Executive Board, candidates must be full-time undergraduate students of Columbia University.

    3. To be eligible for President, candidates must also have served on the Board for at least one year prior to running for President, and should not be a rising senior. Should there be no qualified candidates, the Board reserves the right to review additional candidates and determine their ability to lead the Club.

    4. The Board will take initiative and responsibility for supporting candidates for the Executive Board, especially qualified underclassmen candidates, to ensure the longevity of the Club and its institutional knowledge.

    5. Elections will take place towards the end of the Spring semester.

    6. All present members in good standing, except the President, may vote. The candidate with the most votes will win the position. The President will break ties.

    7. The new Executive Board members will participate in Board meetings after the election and will assume full responsibilities at the end of the Spring semester.

    8. If a position is vacant, the full Executive Board may unanimously appoint an interim Officer to serve until the next election.

  5. Application of Chairs:

    1. Applied positions include: all Chair positions as defined in Article VI-C.

    2. Any club member in good standing may apply for the above positions.

    3. Current Board members and newly elected Executive Board members will choose the chairs from the candidate pool after a selection process.

    4. If a position is vacant, the Executive Board may appoint an interim Officer to serve until the next application period, or leave the chair vacant and distribute the responsibilities amongst the remaining Board members.

  6. Impeachment of Officers:

    1. Non-Presidential Position: Failure to fulfill duties as specified will be subjected first to a warning notice, then a probationary period and lastly to impeachment by majority vote of Officers. The President will not vote and will hold the role of the tiebreaker if needed.

    2. President: Failure to fulfill duties as specified will be subjected first to a probationary period and then to impeachment by majority vote of Officers.

Article VII – Funding

  1. The budget shall be allocated along the following guidelines: instructor/coaching fees, competition registration fees, club equipment, BADC, and any social events.

Article VIII – Advisors

  1. Advisor to the Club is the current director of Columbia University Club Sports, Brian Jines.

Article IX – Recreational Sports Consultants

  1. The Executive Board will decide whom to hire as the Club Recreational Sports Consultants, and determine their salary and duties.

  2. Recreational Sports Consultants must fill out and file necessary forms for building access and payroll.

Article X – Ratification

  1. The constitution will be ratified by a 2/3 vote of active Officers (present and upcoming) in good standing.

Article XI – Amendments

  1. Amendments to this constitution may be suggested by any member in good standing at the end of each semester. All active Officers in good standing (present and upcoming) may vote on the amendment. A simple majority is needed to accept the amendment.

Article XII – Liability

  1. The Columbia University Ballroom and Latin Dance Club (CUBDC) and members of the CUBDC Board are not responsible and will not be held accountable for any injuries that any of its club members may incur during classes, practices, competitions, or any Club-sponsored events.

Article XIII – Bylaws

  1. Dues are to be determined by the Executive Board at the beginning of each semester.

  2. Our refund policy is as follows: We will provide refunds up until 24 hours prior to our first competition of the semester. For the Fall, this will be the Princeton competition, which occurs during the weekend of October 19th.

  3. The Club will provide financial support for Club-sponsored competitions. However, the Club will not be responsible for any late registration fees and will not be responsible for any cancellation fees. If an individual decides to not attend a competition, the member will be responsible for the amount paid by the Club for the individual’s registration and/or transportation. This will be enforced by the Treasurer.

  4. The Club does not guarantee subsidization of transportation expenses to competitions; however, the Club will try to subsidize transportation expenses if the budget allows.

  5. Club Members in good standing may request to utilize costumes; permission to use these costumes will be granted based on guidelines set by the Board.

  6. The Columbia University Ballroom and Latin Dance Club is an independent Club open to collaboration with other dance organizations.

Last updated: September 23, 2019