Board Meeting Minutes (4/19/18)

Board Meeting Minutes (4/12/18)

Board Meeting Minutes (4/5/18)

Board Meeting Minutes (3/29/18)

  • General Board

    • If you’re interested in a general board position, let us know! We will be looking for general board members for next year and would love to tell you more

  • Projected ledger and 2019 budget request

    • Both to be completed soon, should not need major changes to budget request over last year

  • Practice Space

    • Trying to book practice space for tomorrow, Friday 3/30 for people to practice before Rutgers

  • Rutgers

    • Pre-competition email sent out yesterday

    • Competition GroupMes to be created soon

  • CU-NYU Mixer/Rounds

    • Went really well - lots of NYU people came, relatively fewer CU people

  • EOY Showcase

    • Monday, 4/30

    • Have reached out to first round of potential performers

  • Insomnia Cookie Study Break

    • Likely during reading week, likely in Lerner

  • Salsa Socials

    • First salsa social is next week, Friday, April 6 at Candela!

    • Baile del Mambo April 13 or Piel Canela April 14 for another social - will let salsa track dancers decide

  • Salsa Make-up Class

    • Annika is willing to schedule for us, will create poll for salsa dancers to see availability and best time to schedule a make-up class

  • BADC

    • Need to argue to give us Party Space for BADC practice space, also find a replacement for West Ramp Lounge for volunteers since it will no longer exist

Board Meeting Minutes (3/22/18)

  • Feedback

    • Good points brought up last time, will continue to solicit ongoing feedback through the end of semester

  • Drive organization

    • Archived all president emails related to ballroom in the Drive and added last year’s as well

  • Salsa

    • Need to make up the missed class on Friday, 3/9 - will keep everyone updated

    • Found a sub for the rest of the classes

  • E-Board Recruitment

    • Have reached out to some people to solicit e-board candidates

  • CSGB Board Elections

    • Next Tuesday, 3/27 - will elect people to the Club Sports Governing Board that helps to allocate funding to CU Ballroom

  • Salsa Socials

    • Piel Canela a likely place to go - they likely do invoices

    • A Stepping Out social may happen as well

    • Next social may likely be Sunday?

  • Rhythm Break Cares

    • Have contacted them about group volunteering sessions - there is availability on Wednesdays every other week, Tuesdays every week

  • Bachata Workshop

    • Depending on instructor situation, may find someone within the club, but also still need to schedule in open mentors first

    • May be able to get an instructor from Stepping Out

  • Nationals

    • Don’t need extra funding

  • Team Flag

    • Will be contacting vendors to find what we’re looking for

  • Team Jackets

    • 6 people ordered

  • Team T-Shirts

    • No one submitted designs so we will be going with “Let Me CU” and dancing graphic

  • Non-Ballroom Workshops/Events

    • Ideas to bring in ballet, bachata, hustle, highland dancing workshops, for example so that our workshops are not too ballroom heavy

  • Precalendaring

    • Will be submitting request to UEM to get space for Monday showcase and Standard classes next semester

  • Potential Dance Lessons for Formals in late April

    • Similar to dance lessons for Valentine’s Gala

  • Open Mentor Workshops

    • Tango with Ajay: Saturday, 3/24

    • Office hours with Cathleen: Wednesday, 3/28

    • Newcomer Workshop with CJ and Sarah: Thursday, 3/29

    • Smooth with Steve and Nicole: April 4th and April 15th

  • Competitions

    • Rutgers Travel and Costume Form due this Saturday!!! Fill it out here:

    • Registration deadline for Rutgers is Sunday!!!

  • CU-NYU Mixer and Rounds

    • This weekend, Sunday at 1 pm in Lerner Party Space! Facebook event here:

    • Need to get food and snacks for the event - possibly Strokos wraps

  • EOY Showcase/Party

    • Monday, April 30th at 10 pm

    • May instead host a pre-party instead of afterparty on April 21st - could be team dinner instead of afterparty-style

  • BADC

    • BADC Board applications to be sent out towards end of semester at same time as general board

Board Meeting Minutes (3/8/18)

  • Board self-assessment

    • Good: good events (couples fundraiser, parties), now blowback from mentorship, newcomer retention and competing (more people filing into intermediate levels), newcomers came to FNF, comp: smooth logistics and deadlines, board good at addressing issues and problem solving, good reminders in FB group and listserv, good e-board timeline, good at implementing new changes (Latin class format, good relationship with coaches and maintaining it), better communication

    • Improve: speakers, presence, Dodge (tell people about space and guest fee $10), actual recruiting for e-board, FB invites (make sure it invites everyone when it's made), Harvard/Rutgers (unprofessional to comment personal decisions), disconnect between treasury and board (sharing numbers and costs), transitioning roles, better organization: e-board email

  • CSGB Meeting

    • Projecting numbers (numbers at the end of year, do we need funding?), hard to find anything

    • Plans for handling deficit

    • UPenn 2018, Rutgers 2018, projection for MIT 2018

    • Coaches' salaries

    • March 22nd vote

    • Fundraising

  • Competitions

    • Turned in things for Rutgers

  • Treasury

    • Nationals: everyone paid for and has place to stay

  • Bachata workshop requests - will look into possibility of holding one

  • Mentorship

    • Open mentor workshops coming up: March 24 - Tango with Ajay

    • Other workshops to be scheduled

  • CU-NYU Mixer and Rounds - March 25, 1-8 pm, Lerner Party Space

    • Need guest list


  • EOY Party

    • Performers: seniors

  • Salsa

    • March 30, April 6 subs

  • BADC

    • Officially have space for next year!

    • Get rest of BADC Board together by end of semester

  • New Opera Workshop

    • Waltz choreographer

Board Meeting Minutes (3/1/18)

  • FNF

  • Nationals

    • Requesting funding from Club Sports Governing Board

  • Rutgers

    • Early registration closes tonight! Make sure to register early to save our club some money!

  • Mentorship

    • Open mentor workshops to be scheduled soon

  • Newcomers

    • Regular workshop and competition workshop on Saturday after the shoe shopping trip

  • Shoe Shopping Trip

    • Saturday, 3/3 - going to Worldtone Dance downtown

  • Costumes

    • Only one dress that needs fixing

  • CU/NYU Mixer & Rounds

    • Looking at the week before Rutgers - most likely Sunday, April 25th

  • Leads & Follows Night

    • Happening this Saturday, 3/3!

  • Salsa

    • Annika unable to teach next two weeks due to moving, her friend Rebecca will substitute

  • Board Spotlights

Board Meeting Minutes (2/22/18)

  • Baile del Mambo

    • Actually only the 2nd Friday of every month, not 2nd and 4th of every month, so is not happening tomorrow - we apologize!

  • E-Board Recruiting

    • Will send out info about e-board on Sunday 3/18 coming back from spring break

  • Friday Night Fever

    • Ballroom social - newcomers try it out! Next Friday 3/2

    • Sign up form to be posted soon!

  • Nationals

    • Registration form sent out - fill it out by deadline of tomorrow, 2/23 by 11:59 pm!

    • Will register people over the weekend

  • New Latin Class Format

    • Already did new format this past week, newcomer/bronze class followed by technique, then followed by advanced choreo & technique class

    • Doing beginner technique this week caused some beginners to stay for advanced technique, which they may not be ready for

    • Proposal for next week to do 40 min newcomer/bronze choreo, then 15 min bronze technique, 40 min advanced choreo, then 40 min advanced technique

    • Beginning of semester - keep old format of 45 min newcomer/bronze, 45 min silver, 45 min gold so that dancers can get steps first, then after one class cycle transition to new format

  • Mentorship

    • Matches sent out on Sunday, hope you all met with your mentees for the first time this week!

  • Shoe Shopping Trip

    • Sunday, March 4 - will head out in morning/noon and stay downtown for lunch

  • Newcomer Comp Workshop

    • Saturday, March 3 or Sunday, March 4 most likely, TBD

  • Leads/Follows Night

    • Saturday, March 3

    • Facebook event going up soon

  • UPenn

    • Travel advance closed out, we are all wrapped up

  • Costumes

    • Only a few Latin costumes need repairing

  • Valentine’s Fundraiser

    • Going well, send us any feedback you have!

    • May do repeat before Milvets, GS, and Greek life formals

  • Valentine’s Gala

    • Schedule set up, get excited!

    • Live music fell through but the music will still be LIT

  • CU Ballroom Buy/Sell/Trade for Shoes

    • Will bring team-owned shoes and others welcome to bring shoes they would like to sell to Standard and Latin classes next week (Monday 2/26 and Tuesday 2/27)

  • Salsa

    • Will need sub 3/2, 3/9, and 3/30, and 4/6 - Annika reaching out to a friend to sub

  • BADC

    • Advance calendaring form submitted!

Board Meeting Minutes (2/15/18)

  • Tabling

    • Will be tabling in Lerner to publicize Valentine’s Day Gala next week!

  • Sunday practices

    • Newcomer workshops will be 1:00-2:30 pm and rounds will be 3:00-4:00 pm - first rounds this Sunday!

  • Friday Night Fever

    • First team FNF will be March 2nd!

  • Space

    • Basically all requested practice space has been approved - will update the public calendar

  • Mentorship

    • Will aim to have final mentorship matches sent out Sunday!

  • Newcomer Comp Workshop

    • Likely in early March

  • Costumes

    • Will be sending a few dresses out for fixing

    • Will also be posting updated photos for the catalog

  • Team flag

    • Will be launching design contest soon

  • Valentine’s Classes Fundraiser

    • Underway, people signing up to both learn and instruct over the course of the next week

  • Valentine’s Day Gala

    • Space has been confirmed - 7-10 pm in Wien, communicating with CU Pops for live music

  • CU Ballroom Buy/Sell/Exchange

    • Possibly in March, before a newcomer shoe shopping trip

  • Baile del Mambo Social Downtown

    • At Stepping Out Studios on 2/23

    • Will send out sign-up form soon

  • Latin class

    • Proposal to switch Latin class layout to bronze --> technique --> silver/gold

Board Meeting Minutes (2/8/18)

  • Public calendar has been updated with new info

  • Newcomer info sessions - packets seemed to be helpful

    • No one showed up Friday or Monday and 3 people showed up Tuesday

    • Would be helpful to have a space booked next time

    • Next year have info sessions right after newcomer class instead of before, since newcomers are already there

  • Space

    • Few more spaces confirmed for Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays - check the public Google calendar for details

  • Newcomer workshops

    • Going to be held on Sundays 1:00-2:30 pm, next Sunday 2/18 is first workshop

    • Hopefully newcomers will stay for Sunday rounds 2:30-4:00 pm

  • Mentorship

  • Recruitment ideas

    • We should table on the ramps and play music and show club pics/videos/tri-folds before major events such as Val Gala

    • Club members not on board can come hang out!

  • Shoe shopping trip

    • Looking at weekend before Val Gala

    • Before shoe shopping trip, pull out donated Latin shoes to see if anyone wants them and do a ballroom buy/sell

  • Competition workshop

    • Sometime before Rutgers, potentially at the end of one of the Sunday workshops

  • UPenn

    • Bus tickets are all purchased, we are ready to go!

    • Good luck on Saturday, team!

  • Valentine’s Fundraiser

    • Soft deadline to sign up to take a lesson is Sunday, 2/11

    • Afterwards will find availability of these couples and find CU Ballroom members who are free to teach them

  • Valentine’s Gala

    • Two performing couples for the event

    • Also looking into a collaboration with CU Pops to have live music there!

  • Leads and Follows Night

    • Potentially first weekend of March

  • NYU Rounds

    • Suggestion to do some kind of mixer where people must dance with people from the other team before rounds formally start

  • Sensual Movement Bachata

    • Offered to create a social performance team for us, accommodate us for classes and socials

    • Will look into it some more

  • Outreach with Rhythm Break Cares

    • Looking to get groups of 2-3 dancers to attend

  • Spring Break Performance

    • Columbia is hosting other universities in a conference, looking for performances

  • Team iPod

    • Loading new music on it - send Patrick any song requests you have!

  • E-Board Timeline/Recruiting

    • Would be nice to have shadowing to see what being on board/e-board is like

    • Nice improvement in board visibility, board presence at classes so far

    • Board info session before/after classes or during rounds?

  • Nationals

    • Will send out Google form for people interested in attending Nationals

Board Meeting Minutes (1/28/18)

  • Board introductions - things we need of each other

    • Sam (VP) - communication

    • Crystal (BADC Advisor) - good board spirit and communication, support for E-board

    • Michaelle (Treasurer) - support

    • Matt (Secretary) - let him know with enough lead time if you need space booked, etc.

    • Wenny (Events Chair) - ideas for events, stuff to happen

    • Patrick (Media Manager) - take videos at the classes he can’t attend, pls

    • Annie (Competition Chair) - support with the comp chair role

    • Winnie (Competition Chair) - be there to answer questions

    • Caitlyn (President) - participation, feedback from all board members

  • Weekly board meetings - will find new time that works for everyone, TBD

  • Board bonding - casual little get-togethers (boba, etc.), doing a few more this semester

  • Feedback from fall semester

    • Board visibility - board needs to be more present at classes, practices, etc.

    • Trajectory of board -

    • Making sure newcomers feel supported at competitions

  • Google calendar

    • Public calendar of all classes/events/practices to be posted on the website

  • Newcomer chair

    • Proposal to not have newcomer chair but instead distribute responsibility for making newcomers feel welcome among all board members

      • Concern that without proper oversight, all of newcomer chair duties may not be fulfilled among all board members

      • Board consensus to keep newcomer chair position, ask Yimeng to return as newcomer chair this semester

    • Yimeng will continue to teach newcomer workshops

  • Newcomer info sessions

    • Info sessions for newcomers about what competitions are like, what mentorship is like, what club life is like, etc.

    • To be held before classes on Tuesday, Friday, and Monday

  • Spring showcase

    • Schedule almost done

    • Be ready at 9:45 outside C555 to help set up

    • Wenny and Michaelle getting snacks at 9:30

    • Sign-in form to be posted soon

  • First club FNF

    • Likely March 2 - give newcomers plenty of time to settle in and feel comfortable

  • Formation team


    • Will post an interest form soon for interested dancers and choreographers

  • Rhythm Break Cares

    • Will reach out to them to see about a collaboration

  • Youth United Nations

    • Performance opportunity at UN HEADQUARTERS??!

  • Dues

    • Will start collecting next week!

  • Team jackets

    • Paid for, ordered, should be coming soon!

  • $5 couples’ classes as club fundraiser around Valentine’s Day?

    • Taught by club members

    • Will have to take place during Valentine’s week

    • May necessitate pushing back Valentine’s Gala to weekend of 2/24 so that people can take the classes then show up to gala and dance

  • Team flag

    • Ordering new team flag with CU Ballroom design

    • Design contest for team flag to be announced soon

  • Valentine’s Gala

    • Either weekend of 2/17 or 2/24

  • Rounds with NYU

    • Likely after Penn but before Rutgers - late February?

  • Rutgers v Harvard

    • 75% of those who voted chose to have club fund Rutgers only

  • Team iPod

    • New team iPod, will load new music

    • Please message Patrick with any song requests/suggestions

  • Board spotlights

    • New board spotlights for Annie, Winnie, and Matt coming soon

  • New team costumes

    • Will have photos of new team costumes up in the costume catalog soon

Exclusive Q&A With Marat and Alina, BADC 2017 Show Couple!


Exclusive Q&A With Marat and Alina, BADC 2017 Show Couple!

We are so excited to bring you this Q&A with Marat and Alina, who will be performing Saturday night at 7 pm! Get your tickets here: or from the Ticket Information Center (TIC) in the 2nd floor campus lobby of Lerner Hall! If you ordered online, be sure to pick up your physical ticket from the TIC! And without further ado, Marat and Alina:

When did you start dancing? Marat in 1987 in Moscow, Soviet Union, and Alina when she was 9 in Leningrad (now St. Petersburg)

How did you meet? We were at the same dance club with the same coaches in Moscow, Russia.

What do you love most about ballroom dancing? We love dancing to good music, the interaction with another person rather than dancing alone, and we love the stress of the competition day with all the adrenaline and endorphins running inside.

What do you love about Standard in particular? Unique flow, unique music, unique proximity between man and lady and therefore unique relationship between them. Extreme coordinational complexity that requires scientific approach in physics, geometry, anatomy, and psychology.

What is your favorite thing about your partner? Alina: Marat is strong, straightforward and honest (and this is what I love and actually hate about him). He dreams big and goes to his goal. He is passionate about the things he loves, and he cares. Marat: Alina is not a selfish person at all. She supports whatever happens. And whatever she does she dedicates herself completely.

What is your favorite dance and why? We don’t have a favorite dance. Often this depends on the day…

What has been your favorite competition to date? British Open, at Winter Gardens in Blackpool, UK, and “The International” at the Royal Albert Hall in London, UK.

What has been your proudest achievement as a partnership? So far we have had this journey in dancing that gave us so much and we hope we have already given something to other people.

What advice do you have for just-beginning dancers? Try your best every day, every practice, every attempt! Pay attention to your teacher’s every word and every move! Sincerely respect your teachers and your peers, especially those whom you compete against! Strong opponents bring the best out of us!

What advice do you have for more experienced dancers? Never forget why you are involved in dancing - the love for it. Multiply this love. Give yourself completely to the dance, and don’t wait for anything in return. Work as hard as you can. Work till you can’t feel your body. Have no excuses. Sacrifice yourself to the dance. Be patient. Never lose faith. Dream and believe you can achieve it.

Can't wait to see their performance on Saturday!

BADC 2017 Schedule Released!

BADC 2017 Schedule Released!

The detailed competition schedule is now available on the Competitor Info page here: Competitor Info

Please be ready at least 30 min before your session so that we can ensure the competition will run on time!

Also please note: - All times are subject to change depending on the situation day-of. - We will be clearing the ballroom twice during the competition, and we request your assistance in taking your belongings and making a speedy exit! - Novice Latin will take place in the afternoon, before the showcase, during the Rhythm session.

BADC 2017 Evening Showcase Tickets Now On Sale!

BADC 2017 Evening Showcase Tickets Now On Sale!

Tickets for the professional evening showcase featuring Blackpool finalists Marat Gimaev & Alina Basyuk are now on sale! Buy your ticket here:

*Front Row and VIP ticket holders get access to reserved front row seats. **VIP ticket holders have the opportunity to meet Marat and Alina after the show!

Note: To watch the professional showcase from 7-8 pm, you MUST purchase a ticket. To watch the remaining Open events after 8 pm, you do NOT need to purchase a ticket - the rest of the competition is free and open to the public!

Regular Registration Open Until 11/19, 3 Weeks Left!

BADC 2017 Regular Registration Open Through November 19th!

3 weeks left to register for BADC 2017! Register here: Be sure to check our Competitor Info page for more information about competition policies and how to pay for registration! Hope to see you in December!


BADC 2017 Show Couple: Marat Gimaev and Alina Basyuk!

We are so thrilled to present this year’s show couple, Marat Gimaev and Alina Basyuk!

Marat and Alina started dancing together in 1999. Their incredible list of accomplishments includes their titles as Blackpool Professional Rising Star champions, three-time World Amateur 10-dance champions, two-time World Cup champions, and finalists in the UK Open, International, and World Championships. Most recently — on their last night before retiring from competition — they became Blackpool Professional Standard finalists.

Come see them perform a wonderful showcase at BADC 2017!

Board Meeting Minutes (4/26/17)

  • Board interviews

    • Almost finished, will be announcing final boards likely at EOY party

  • Formation team

    • Another practice to be held tomorrow

    • Will be ready to perform at EOY showcase

  • Apparel

    • Jackets have arrived!

    • T-shirts all distributed

  • MIT

    • Housing assignments have been sent out - please confirm with your hosts if you haven’t already!

    • Pre-comp email to be sent out tomorrow - look out for that!

  • Harvard feedback

    • Letter has been sent!

  • Newcomers

    • Newcomer rounds tonight

  • Mentorship

    • Feedback form will be sent out this coming listserv and posted in Facebook group

  • EOY Party

    • Fashion show cancelled - not enough participants :(

    • Will still be lit though

  • Spirit Week

    • Last two spirit days tonight and tomorrow (wear blue and white and CU Ballroom swag tomorrow!)

  • Dancing in Bryant Park - Wednesday, May 3rd, 6-8 pm

  • Study break

    • Thursday, May 4th, 7 pm in Schapiro Lounge, event and details tba

  • These are the last board meeting minutes of the year! Thanks for a great year, fam!