Annie Lin, Co-President

As the head of the Board, the President is responsible for leading weekly meetings, coordinating with and delegating to other Board members, and acting as the club’s primary spokesperson.

Year and Major

SEAS 2020, Mechanical Engineering

Why did you join CU Ballroom?

Katie and I saw flyers in Furnald, and Kaleb asked me to go to the showcase with him. I always thought I couldn’t dance, but I actually enjoyed the Waltz lesson following the showcase, so I stayed :) 

penn - Annie Lin.jpg
Aruba - Annie Lin.jpg

One thing you’d like to improve about ballroom through board this year?

More ballroom visibility on campus!

Favorite ballroom dance and favorite social dance?

Foxtrot and Samba

Favorite/funny ballroom memory?

Crystal and Toms

Advice for newcomers/people interested in joining ballroom?

You can dance. But you have to practice.