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Project Description

Yimeng Xu, Newcomer Chair

The Newcomer Chair is responsible for welcoming and integrating newcomers into the club and building a newcomer community by maintaining the newcomer Facebook group, organizing newcomer-related events, and being a visible figure that newcomers can go to for help.

Year and MajorMasters 1st Year, Earth and Environmental Engineering
What he likes best about CU Ballroom: “The community! Full of fun and interesting personalities.
His favorite CU Ballroom memory: “All the times I see everyone enjoying themselves or learning something good.”
What he enjoys most about ballroom dancing: “It’s something where I constantly feel like I’m learning, improving, and being challenged to be better.”
His goals for this year as a board member: “To help the newcomers feel immediately at home within our community, and to ensure they are able to explore the entirety of competitive ballroom dance from their first year.”
His advice for newcomers: “Stay on time!”
His favorite ballroom dance: “Standard Foxtrot, because I don’t like to stop moving.”
His favorite dancers to look up to: “Chao Yang for standard, Artur Tarnavskyy for Latin, Nick Cheremukhin for Smooth.”
His favorite ballroom dance-able song: “Any song with a beat is danceable if you try hard enough.”
His favorite ballroom dance move: “The rondé wing.”
His favorite social dance: “Zouk and Fusion Blues.”
His favorite dance quote: “Do as I say, not as I do.”
An unexpected thing he got from CU Ballroom: “Public speaking skills.”
One last thing: “I’m always available on Facebook if anyone has questions on anything!”