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Project Description

Tina Liu, Treasurer

The treasurer is in charge of all financial transactions for the club; they are responsible for collecting dues, coordinating payment for instructors and competition registration, and keeping a detailed budget of all expenses. Their hard work makes possible the amazing opportunities and resources available to CU Ballroom members, from a semesterly group lesson package to subsidized workshops and competition fees.
Year and major: SEAS ’19, Chemical Engineering
Why she joined the board: “I wanted to give back to the amazing people who make ballroom enjoyable for me, and contribute my skills to make ballroom an even better place.”
What she hopes to achieve on board this year: “Better budgeting so we have more fun events, simplifying competition, travel, and housing registration for both competitors and the board, and keeping accurate, concise, and detailed accounts.”
Which dance she would be: “Foxtrot. I like the mischievous, playful, and graceful music.”

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