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Project Description

Selina Zheng, Salsa Chair

The salsa chair is responsible for overseeing the salsa track and organizing salsa outings.
Year and major: CC ’20, Psychology and Theatre
How long she has been dancing, and dancing ballroom: “I did hip-hop and jazz during high school and a little tap dance. I started ballroom last semester, my first semester of freshman year.”
What made her want to #joinCUBallroom:Who doesn’t want good-looking friends who are also dancers and winners?
Best part about being in CU Ballroom:  “(Still working on) getting to wear stunning costumes.
An unexpected thing she gained from ballroom:Making friends with non-freshmen, non-CC, non-undergrad, even non-Columbia dancers.
Her best ballroom pickup line:Yo dis James Chin, he kicked my ass!
What she hopes to achieve by the end of the semester:More social dance fun outings; have fun dancing and making friends as always.”
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