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Project Description

Samantha Gonzalez, Mentorship Chair

The mentorship chair is responsible for coordinating our mentorship program, which matches up dancers with more advanced mentors who meet with them weekly and provide individualized feedback. They ensure the success of the program by checking in regularly on matches, organizing mentor-mentee bonding events, and fostering connections between old and new members. Learn more about the mentorship program here.
Year and major: CC ’18, Mathematics-Statistics and Art History
Why she wanted to be part of the board: “Ballroom took over my life really quickly, at this point most of my close friends are members. I want other people to have as positive an experience as I’ve had and being part of board will let me be more directly involved in the community.”
What she hopes to accomplish as mentorship chair: “My mentor and I are a perfect match, the goal is to make as many of these great matches as possible. The mentorship program is a unique part of our team and I want everyone, especially newer members, to get as much out of it as they can.”
Which dance she’d be: “Jive because it’s really energetic and personality-driven, but also requires a lot of stamina—I think it stands out from the other Latin dances.”
One unexpected thing she got out of ballroom: “A D&D group.”

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