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Project Description

Sally You, Vice President

The vice president oversees all aspects of club life, from recruiting new members to organizing events and workshops. They also act as the club’s primary liaison with external entities, such as the Club Sports governing board at Columbia and our professional instructors.
Year and major: Barnard ’19, Mathematics-Statistics and Psychology
Why she joined the board: “I want to give back to the super nice, friendly, and amazing people who helped me through my first year in the club, and use my past experience and skills to contribute more to our club.”
What she hopes to achieve as VP: “Promote collaborations with other dance and music groups to organize more fun events; develop our formation team and outreach for performance opportunities to attract more students to our club; and most importantly, be a nicer person, always open to talking and listening to everyone’s opinions.”
One unexpected thing she got out of ballroom: “Bachata. I didn’t know this type of dance before joining the club. After learning it, it’s my thing!”
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