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Project Description

Patrick Lin, Media Manager

The Media Manager manages the CU Ballroom website and social media channels.

Year and Major: SEAS 2018, Operations Research
Why he joined CU Ballroom: “After doing a project on Tango music in high school Spanish, I wanted to learn how to dance Tango as well. I also watched a lot of Dancing with the Stars before, and I wanted to try something new. The sense of community and family in CU Ballroom is unmatched on campus.”
His favorite CU Ballroom memory: “My first competition, DCDI 2014, where I actually didn’t make it past a single round of dancing. But I got hooked on ballroom after watching the Championship dancers in the evening session.”
What he enjoys most about ballroom dancing: “The feeling of movement with your partner is an absolutely magical feeling. The community of dancers is also one of the most welcoming communities you’ll find.”
His goals for this year as a board member: “To make the website beautiful and up-to-date and to expand and standardize CU Ballroom’s social media presence.”
His advice for newcomers: “None of us started out as ballroom dancers. Know that it won’t be easy at first, but with time and continued practice you’ll get good. I would also highly recommend joining the mentorship program because it’s really rewarding and makes you feel like you have a small family within the club.”
His favorite ballroom dances: “Quickstep for Standard; Jive for Latin; Foxtrot for Smooth.”
His favorite dancers to look up to: “Riccardo Cocchi for Latin; Chong He for Standard.”
His favorite ballroom dance-able song: “‘One Dance’ by Drake.”
His favorite ballroom dance move: “New Yorker in Chacha.”
His favorite social dance: “Salsaaaa.”
His favorite dance quote: “You have to love dancing to stick to it. It gives you nothing back, no manuscripts to store away, no paintings to show on walls and maybe hang in museums, no poems to be printed and sold, nothing but that single fleeting moment when you feel alive.” ― Merce Cunningham
An unexpected thing he got from CU Ballroom: “Hips.”
One last thing: “#joinCUBallroom”