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Project Description

Natalia Romano Spica, Senior Advisor

The senior advisor is a senior and previous board member who provides institutional knowledge and guidance to the current board.
Year and major: CC ’17, Biology and “Medicine, Literature, and Society”
How long she has been dancing, and dancing ballroom: “CU Ballroom is where my dancing started three years ago! Because other than that… I’ve been and still am very much of a running, track and orienteering person. :)”
What made her want to #joinCUBallroom: “I was really intrigued by the idea of dancing to the waltzes and other music I studied during my piano training years (Blue Danube, Chopin Waltzes… <3). I then remember walking into the first showcase as a freshman and remaining absolutely speechless at the beautiful combination of music, art, dance and movement. The rest… is history. :)”
Her best ballroom memory: In addition to losing my voice by cheering so obnoxiously loud at competitions…. walking out of a board meeting one day touched by how passionately we were all working towards the one common goal of making the CU Ballroom experience the best we possibly could. <3″

An unexpected thing she gained from ballroom:An incredible insight into the beauty and complexity of human nature.”
Her best ballroom pickup line:The most creative I can come up with is probably an elegant “Can I have this dance, please?” (honestly the best one ~).
What dance she would be:I’m probably some combination of waltz and quickstep. I love the grace and elegance of the first, and its ability to shine even with the simplest steps (“Elegance is the only beauty that never fades” – A. Hepburn). At the same time, I love and identify with the joy and sunniness, playfulness (because yes, you all heard my Stitch noises at some point) and energy of the lovely stamina consuming quickstep. 😉
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