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Project Description

Matt Lutz, Secretary

The Secretary oversees all internal and external communication, as well as outreach to other student groups and organizations at Columbia. They are also responsible for taking minutes at board meetings, handling space requests, managing the mailing list, and responding to club emails. You can contact the Secretary with your questions by writing an email to

Year and MajorGS 2018, Political Science
Why he joined CU Ballroom: “I was going to join Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and then thought, ‘Nah, I’d rather dance than fight.’
His favorite CU Ballroom memory: “Jack Too’s rumba hips.”
What he enjoys most about ballroom dancing: “Jive-face.”
His goals for this year as a board member: “Book space like a boss.”
His advice for newcomers: “Relax and have fun with it. The dance will come to you with time.”
His favorite ballroom dance: “Samba! Because voltas are fun!”
His favorite ballroom dance-able song: “‘Suavemente.'”
His favorite ballroom dance move: “Voltas!”
His favorite social dance: “Bachata.”
His favorite dance quote: “Caitlyn has some pretty good ballroom dad jokes.”
His favorite dancer to look up to: “Prashanth Rajarajan.”
Something unexpected he got out of ballroom: “Close friends with very different backgrounds than me.”
One last thing: “I wish I could dress as nice as Patrick.”