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Project Description

Katie Sirko, Mentorship Chair

The Mentorship Chair is responsible for coordinating our mentorship program, which matches up dancers with more advanced mentors who meet with them weekly and provide individualized feedback. They ensure the success of the program by checking in regularly on matches, organizing mentor-mentee bonding events, and fostering connections between old and new members.

Year and Major: CC 2019, Financial Economics
Why she joined CU Ballroom: “I joined because my dad and I would always watch Dancing with the Stars together so being on the ballroom team here is a way to keep him with me even at college. Plus it’s a lot of fun!
Her favorite CU Ballroom memory: “Probably my first competition at Princeton because everything was so fresh and new and exhilarating (even though I had no idea what I was doing!).”
What she enjoys most about ballroom dancing: “The team. I have made so many friends on this team that I never would have been able to meet otherwise.”
Her goals for this year as a board member: “Be here as a resource for everyone on the team.”
Her advice for newcomers: “Don’t be afraid to throw yourself into ballroom; you only get out of it as much as you put in.”
Her favorite ballroom dance: “Waltz because it is the first dance I feel like I connected to.”
Her favorite dancer to look up to: “On the team Sam; in life Julianne and Derek Hough.”
Her favorite ballroom dance-able song: “Any country song you can dance a Viennese Waltz to.”
Her favorite social dance: “Bachata!!!”
An unexpected thing she got out of CU Ballroom: “Social dancing. I never expected to partake in social dancing, but I love that I get to!”