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Project Description

Katie Sirko, Competition Coordinator

The competition coordinators are responsible for organizing the club’s attendance at other schools’ competitions – handling registration, travel, housing, and other logistics for the club members going to competition.
Year and major: CC ’20, Financial Economics and East Asian Language Studies
How long she has been dancing, and dancing ballroom: “I’ve only ever danced ballroom, and this is my second semester dancing.”
What made her want to #joinCUBallroom:My dad and I would always watch Dancing with the Stars every Monday night, and so it is my way of continuing on that tradition even though I am no longer at home.”
The best part about being in CU Ballroom: “I have met so many unexpected people because ballroom brings together a huge variety of people, but we all share the love for ballroom.
An unexpected thing she gained from ballroom:Ballroom is the first thing I tell people that I do, and I never expected it to be the one thing I am most excited about.
What she hopes to achieve by the end of this semester: “Make a final finally, and become someone that everyone on the team considers their friend.”
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