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Project Description

Katie Sirko, Co-President

As the head of the Board, the President is responsible for leading weekly meetings, coordinating with and delegating to other Board members, and acting as the club’s primary spokesperson.

Year and Major
CC 2020, Financial Economics and East Asian Language Studies

Why she joined CU Ballroom:
My dad and I were obsessed with watching Dancing With the Stars every Monday night. Joining ballroom was a great way to still stay connected with my dad even though we are states apart now.

One thing you’d like to improve about ballroom through board this year?
Integrating salsa into the other parts of the team more seamlessly.

One thing joining and dancing ballroom taught you?
You never know who you will meet because you love dancing.

Favorite ballroom dance and favorite social dance?
Viennese Waltz and bachata

If you could have anything/anyone for a dance partner, what would you chose?
Derek Hough… or Julianna Hough, can you tell I love the Hough duo?

Advice for newcomers/people interested in joining ballroom?
Just do it! Ballroom is what you put into it, but you will come out with a family no matter what.