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Project Description

Joelle Santiago, Secretary

The Secretary oversees all internal and external communication, as well as outreach to other student groups and organizations at Columbia. They are also responsible for taking minutes at board meetings, handling space requests, managing the mailing list, and responding to club emails. You can contact the Secretary with your questions by writing an email to

Year and MajorBC 2020, Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies | Minor in Dance
What she likes most about CU Ballroom:The family!”
Her favorite CU Ballroom memory: “#LetMeCUMeme.”
What she enjoys most about ballroom dancing: “Spending time dancing with friends.”
Her goals for this year as a board member: “To negotiate more space for Latin classes.”
Her advice for newcomers: “Keep coming to class, ask questions, and try to relax and have fun. 🙂 We’re all here to cheer you on!”
Her favorite ballroom dances: “Tango, because it is so passionate (disclaimer: I have no idea how to Tango).”
Her favorite ballroom dance-able song: “‘Tightrope’ by Janelle Monae.”
Her favorite dancer to look up to: “Crystal Song. She’s beauty, she’s grace.”
Her favorite social dance: “HUSTLE.”
An unexpected thing she got from CU Ballroom: “A boyfriend.”