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Project Description

James Chin, Newcomer Chair

The newcomer chair is responsible for welcoming and integrating newcomers into the club and building a newcomer community by maintaining the newcomer Facebook group, organizing newcomer-related events, and being a visible figure that newcomers can go to for help.
Year and major: Gap year
How long he has been dancing ballroom: This is his second semester.
What made him want to #joinCUBallroom:I found the concept of being able to communicate with another person without the use of words truly incredible. And it’s really fun to dance with someone rather than alone.
Best part about being in CU Ballroom:  “Having met so many people in such a supportive environment while being competitive at the same time.”
An unexpected thing he gained from ballroom: “Mild control of my hips.”
His best ballroom pickup line: “Are you Sally? Because I’m Colin-James.”
What he hopes to achieve by the end of the semester:Becoming a 20-dance dancer ^_^”
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