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Project Description

Dina Manasherova, BADC Chair

The BADC Chair organizes the home competition for the Columbia Ballroom Dance Club by making executive decisions and setting up the timeline for preparations, assigning tasks to competition coordinators, and reporting to the club’s executive board. The BADC Chair also serves as the liaison between the governing and the competition boards.
Year and major: CC ’18, Biology and Italian Culture Studies with a Concentration in Art History
Why she joined board: “I have been involved with the ballroom community since the first day I joined the club, and each member contributed to the atmosphere and the joy we gain from this activity. I felt that I will be able to give back to the ballroom community by being a part of the board.”
What she hopes to achieve this year:
Smoothly run BADC with as little stress as possible for all the organizers, find time in the busy competition schedule for fun dances, and come up with a successful TBA pairing system prior to the beginning of the competition.”
What dance she would be: “Samba. The energy, dynamics and of course the hips. 🙂 ”
Favorite quote: “Words may sting, but silence hurts more.”

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