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Project Description

Crystal Song, President

As the head of the board, the president is responsible for leading weekly meetings, coordinating with and delegating to other board members, and acting as the club’s primary spokesperson.
Year and major: CC ‘18, History and Ethnicity & Race Studies
What she loves about being on board: “Having the opportunity to directly contribute to the community and shape other people’s ballroom experiences. Collegiate ballroom is relatively young, and being a part of its growth and evolution has been such a unique learning process for me. And I get to work with a bunch of amazing, smart, passionate people in the process—a lot of the people I’ve been on board with have become some of my closest friends at Columbia.”
What she hopes to achieve this year: “Increasing board visibility and accountability, expanding our presence on campus, and recruiting more leads.”
Favorite quote: “Don’t fear failure. Fear being in the exact same place next year as you are today.”
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