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Project Description

Caitlyn Morris, President

As the head of the Board, the President is responsible for leading weekly meetings, coordinating with and delegating to other Board members, and acting as the club’s primary spokesperson.

Year and MajorBC 2018, English
Why she joined CU Ballroom: “I originally joined because of the Viennese Waltz scene from Anastasia, but I stayed for the amazing team that I have become a part of.
Her favorite CU Ballroom memory: “After Harvard 2016 (my second competition ever), I ate with my friends Kevin, Cathleen, and Seb (who were all gods to me, by the way) and we chatted for a couple of hours over enchiladas and a huge plate of nachos. Best post-comp meal ever.”
What she enjoys most about ballroom dancing: “I love the amount of unique personality you can give to each of your dances.”
Her goals for this year as a board member: “I want to create a tighter collegiate ballroom network and discuss ideas across teams to get a better idea of what works to replace what doesn’t. I also want more opportunities for people to give feedback (especially in the form of town halls) so we can tailor the club to the needs of the members as best as we can.”
Her advice for newcomers: “Get into competing early because that’s when the ballroom bug really hits you!”
One unexpected thing she got out of ballroom: “My best friend.”
Her favorite ballroom dance: “Chacha because of its sassiness and fire.”
Her favorite ballroom dance-able song: “‘2 Heads’ by Coleman Hell.”
Her favorite ballroom dance move: “Spirals.”
Her favorite social dance: “Bachata.”
Her favorite ballroom pickup line: ” *Rumba walks into DMs* ”