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Project Description

Caitlyn Morris, Competition Coordinator

The competition coordinators are responsible for organizing the club’s attendance at other schools’ competitions – handling registration, travel, housing, and other logistics for the club members going to competition.
Year and major: BC ’18, English
How long she has been dancing, and dancing ballroom: “I took a few dance classes in high school to avoid competitive sports and was in CU Swing the first semester of my first year. I joined CU Ballroom in fall of 2015.”
What made her want to #joinCUBallroom: “The costumes and the fire posters.”
Styles she dances: Standard and Latin
Which dance she would be: “Jive or Tango.”
Her best pickup line: “So, uh, so listen, CA’I HAVE YO NUMBA? Could I have it? Could I have it? Could I please receive the secret code that if entered telephonically it will pass me through to you which means it will be your beautiful ass numba?”
Her best ballroom pickup line: “*Rumba walks into DMs*”
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