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Project Description

Annie Lin, Competition Chair

The Competition Chairs are responsible for organizing the club’s attendance at other schools’ competitions – handling registration, travel, housing, and other logistics for the club members going to competition.

Year and MajorSEAS 2020, Mechanical Engineering
What she likes most about CU Ballroom: “I never danced before I joined CU Ballroom, so it’s a completely new experience for me, and I really enjoyed trying something I never thought I would. I also love being able to feel my improvement during every practice, and having so many people to ask for help whenever I have questions, since I know everyone around me is eager to help and knows so much about dancing.
Her favorite CU Ballroom memory: “When Kaleb first came with me to practice, I asked James for help. James was like, I can be your mentor, and we said yes. James was really excited because he thought we could wait to join the mentorship program and get higher level mentors.”
What she enjoys most about ballroom dancing: “Being able to improve my skills during every practice!”
Her goals for this year as a board member: “Get more people to compete, maybe find a way to buy some new costumes. Go to more classes and get to know more people.”
Her advice for newcomers: “Don’t worry about finding a partner. If you practice enough, you can always make it to the finals with a TBA.”
Her favorite ballroom dance: “Tango.”
Her favorite ballroom dance-able song: “The Phantom of the Opera.”
Her favorite ballroom dance move: “Natural turn (Kaleb let’s practice!).”
Her favorite social dance: “Hustle.”
Her favorite dance quote: “People dance the way they are, not the way they learned.”
An unexpected thing she got out of ballroom: “The more I practice, the more I fall in love with ballroom, and now I want to take a ballet or modern dance class at Barnard. I never expected myself to love dancing.”