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Project Description

Anna Liu, Treasurer

The treasurer is in charge of all financial transactions for the club; they are responsible for collecting dues, coordinating payment for instructors and competition registration, and keeping a detailed budget of all expenses. Their hard work makes possible the amazing opportunities and resources available to CU Ballroom members, from a semesterly group lesson package to subsidized workshops and competition fees.
Year and major: BC ’20, Undecided (probably Dance/English/Art History)
Why she decided to try ballroom dancing: “Ballroom has been appealing to me since I was little, but I hadn’t really got a chance to learn until the beginning of 2016. I started Latin before college and went to the first Standard class at Columbia. The energy of Latin and elegance of Standard are so special, and the costumes look straight out of a fairy tale. I personally love dancing and have done China Dance, Jazz and Ballet for a while. Now ballroom has become an indispensable part of my life since I joined the club.”
Why she decided to join ballroom board: “At first, as a freshman of college and the city, I was looking for opportunities to improve myself and get involved. I love the atmosphere in the club and would like to contribute to it. Then I have gradually found out this lovely board has given me far more than that. They’re the most loving, diligent and responsible people I’ve ever met and we work together to make sure everything run smoothly in the club. Though it’s time-consuming, it feels so rewarding to have the logistics of competitions taken care of and answer people’s questions.”
What she hopes to achieve this year: “Modify the competition chair guidebook, come up with or collect templates of emails for different situations, be careful with logistics to the smallest detail of every competition. Most importantly, be a friendly resource in the club. :)”
Her favorite CU Ballroom memory: “Took a night bus with a group of lovely people to compete at DCDI. Danced nonstop for all four styles with different TBA leaders lol. Stayed in the host house with friends that I’ve made in the club. Took a night bus back; while the bus was delayed, we danced for an hour in the parking lot XD.”
Which dance she would be: “Viennese Waltz 😛 It’s beautiful and graceful.”
Favorite quote:
“There’s nothing you can’t do unless you can’t think of it.”
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