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The Quickstep is derived from the Foxtrot. During the twenties, many bands played the Slow Foxtrot too fast for the large open steps to be danced gracefully. By mixing the original Charleston and the fast foxtrot, the English developed the “Quicktime Foxtrot and Charleston”. In the ‘Star’ Championships of 1927, the English couple Frank Ford and Molly Spain danced a version of this “Quicktime Foxtrot and Charleston” without the characteristic Charleston knee actions. The faster foxtrot, influenced by the swing music of the 1920s, developed into the Quickstep with the characteristic chasses steps.

Musical Information

Tempo: 50-52 measures per min / 200-208 beats per min
Timing: 4/4
Rhythm: Slow-Quick-Quick



  • Quarter Turn to Right
  • Progressive Chasse
  • Forward Lock
  • Natural Turn
  • Natural Turn with Hesitation
  • Natural Pivot Turn
  • Natural Spin Turn
  • Chasse Reverse Turn


  • Closed Impetus
  • Back Lock
  • Reverse Pivot
  • Progressive Chasse to Right
  • Tipple Chasse to Right
  • Running Finish
  • Natural Turn and Back Lock
  • Double Reverse Spin
  • Additional. Cross Chasse
  • Additional. Change of Direction


  • Quick Open Reverse
  • Fishtail
  • Running Right Turn
  • Four Quick Run
  • Closed Telemark


  • Cross Swivel

  • Six Quick Run
  • Rumba Cross
  • Tipsy to Right and Left
  • Hover Corte